Welcome to MedInsight® A not-for-profit medical research organization with a single focus:
Creating Life-Saving Knowledge. For Everyone.

We achieve our goal in the following ways:

Transforming information into knowledge

hp-transformingMedical research has rapidly grown over the past 50 years. These scientific efforts now produce over 40,000 new research articles each week. The flood of valuable information creates an increasingly difficult challenge: converting all this valuable information into actionable knowledge. However, extracting immediately-actionable knowledge is critical for delivering safe and precise solutions to complex medical situations.

Placing knowledge at your fingertips

hp-fingertipsMedInsight’s research teams work relentlessly to extract practical knowledge from the thousands of new research papers published each day, collate this knowledge in a user-friendly manner, and disseminate it to physicians and patients using a variety of platforms. MedInsight seeks to place this knowledge at the fingertips of every physician and patient in order to provide immediate answers for every unmet medical need.

Putting the patient first - focusing on overlooked treatments

hp-patientMedInsight’s researchers place their focus on therapeutic options that have no commercial sponsorship. Less than 5% of all available medications benefit from pharmaceutical companies’ educational activities. As a not-for-profit organization, MedInsight augments these efforts by making knowledge about unpromoted medications available to everyone, placing the patient’s interest at the forefront.

Yesterday’s Medicines - Today’s Cures

MedInsight drives innovation in healthcare by harnessing the untapped knowledge about tens of thousands of currently available medications. Our methodologies include:

  • ico-data-miningPerforming in-depth data-mining and analysis of the medical literature and extracting actionable knowledge.
  • ico-indexIndexing this knowledge in our cutting-edge Cureiosity® database.
  • ico-megaphoneCompiling and publishing comprehensive review articles in the medical literature.
  • ico-studyInitiating, supporting, and participating in studies that identify new ways to use existing medications.
  • ico-eduCreating educational materials and videos about novel uses of existing medications.
  • ico-cloudMaintaining web-platforms that deliver timely knowledge to physicians, researchers, and patients.


Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), a breakthrough treatment for chronic and autoimmune diseases, helps over 300,000 patients worldwide. LDNscience.org, by MedInsight, is the most authoritative and up-to-date source of information about LDN. It houses the entire collection of LDN research and scientific studies; interviews with scientists, physicians and patients; a free global LDN prescriber directory; and frequently asked questions.

eye dipyridamole

Dipyridamole, a cardiovascular drug that has been in use for over 50 years, has been rediscovered as a powerful treatment for a number of difficult-to-treat eye disorders. EyeDipyridamole.org, by MedInsight, is the most current source of information about the use of dipyridamole for eye disorders. It houses all available research and scientific studies, interviews with researchers and patients, frequently asked questions, and the latest news about this novel eye treatment.


Cureiosity® is a repository of manually curated knowledge about novel treatments for serious, chronic, and intractable diseases. The knowledge is created by data-scientists who analyze global medical literature and catalogue the information they extract. They do this in a proprietary manner using a next-generation graph-database. Cureiosity® places patients’ interests first by focusing on overlooked treatments that don’t benefit from commercial sponsorship.