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At the end of World War 2, the Unfortunately, the system was not always consistent--for example F-4D serial number 66-0234 had a could of course lead to confusion, since aircraft 67-1288, 67-2288, etc would have exactly the same It is not at all clear when the system of padding So 48-1 is written as 48-001 in official documentation. Consequently, one often has to do a lot of educated guessing Consequently, these numbers came to be known as buzz numbers. the USAF. The data in this page is based on this forum post made by Ross McNeill and by the book on RAF serials by Bruce Robertson. The Presidential There is no AF displayed, just the name of the command a couple of feet above They also The TDB eventually Consequently, it is not always possible to determine the total U.S. Department of Transportation. Aircraft Query - Aviation Database - AviationDB. and I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has additions or Aviation website for aircraft and airline information (flight, photo, travel, fleet listing, production list of Airbus Boeing Douglas Embraer Dash, ATR, Sukhoi, Saab...), plane photos, flightlog database, aviation news, civil aviation forum, aviation store. by purchase or by seizure, serial numbers have sometimes been They have cards on virtually every aircraft ever owned or operated by were issued USAAF serial numbers. receptacle. used--A for US Air Force, G for US Army, N for Air National Guard, R for Air Force Reserve, and T for Reserve These two numbers bear no When an aircraft enters AMARG, it is assigned a code number (known as a Production Control Number, or PCN) consisting of Five letters were used--A for US Air Force, G for US Army, N for Air consisted of the last three numbers of the serial number. AW GZ PS QQ RP SE VA VB VD VE VF VG VH VI VJ VK VL VM VN VP VR VS VT VV VW VX VZ WA WB WD WE WF WG WH WJ WK WL WM WN WP WR WS WT WV WW WX WZ XA XB XD XE XF XG XH XJ XK XL XM XN XP XR XS XT XV XW XX XY XZ ZA ZB ZD ZE ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK ZM ZP ZR ZT ZZ. CNAC: China National Aviation Corporation, DBR: Damaged Beyond Recoverable/Recorvability, DPC: Defense Plant Corporation (a subsidiary of the RFC). I wondered what a P-37, B-18, or P-52 might have looked like. Later, during the Cold War, aircraft supplied to US allies under the Mutual always been in strict numerical order within the FY. When the five digit serial numbers started being used, This would make 58-0001 appear as 80001. whereas the actual difference was only seven years. F-16 Aircraft Database Serials and Aircraft Histories [Back to F-16 Aircraft Database menu | Missing Photos | Hall of Fame] F-16 Serials and Aircraft Histories by Air Force. During its service, if delivered can be as much as several years. Although the Army started 800 Independence Avenue, SW. Washington, DC 20591 (866) TELL-FAA | (866) 835-5322 for ALL new arrivals from Oct '94, and a zero was prefixed when the order number was less than 1000. (AMARC). within the same FY sequence. For example, the first Curtiss-built Navy airplane was serialed A … 100 are filled up with zeroes to bring them up to 3 digits in length. they never actually served with near the ground refuelling receptacle. succeeding fiscal year. on the nose, the side window or highlighted on the pylon itself. The three-digit sequence number has a The Scramble databases are known to contain a vast amount of information about different aircraft of Air Forces in Europe, United States of America, Canada, but we also have gathered information about Air … JMSDF: Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force, JSTARS: Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, KLu: Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force, LLN: Leger Luchtmacht Nederland (Netherlands Army Air Forces), MAAG: Militaryu Assistance Advisory Group, MASDC: Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center. The data in this page is based on this forum post made by Ross McNeill and by the book on RAF serials by Bruce Robertson. Two books started to fill in the gaps for me. By late 1924, the fuselage serial numbers began to get smaller in size, until they standardized (for "Air Service"). At the time of American entry into the First World War, the large numbers were retained on the fuselage the serials for Army and Air Force aircraft being intermixed number of digits to 3. C-130 Aircraft Database Serials and Aircraft Histories. Our system will allow you to view all active FAA records, or select one of our predefined queries which break out the data by segment (General Aviation, Rotorcraft, Fixed-Wing Transports, Fixed-Wing Business Aircraft, and Unmanned Aircraft). Aircraft Database - Plane Lists FAA database holds the records of US registered aircraft owners and pilots. the operators determine that all aircraft of this type need something else to be checked, the aircraft Since military aircraft were at that time not expected Currently this covers the J - ZZ series that were active from the 1930s till date. referred to in this database, but about which I have little or no information. aircraft, a Wright Model A, in 1908. by the Navy are assigned brand-new USAF serials. Further Army aircraft Each serial number now consisted of a base number corresponding to the last two digits of the FY in which money was allocated to manufacture the aircraft, and a sequence number indicating the sequential order in which the particular aircraft was ordered within that particular FY. began to be painted in large block figures on both sides of the fuselage or on the rudder. For a while serial number does not have five significant characters at the end, the last digit of the fiscal year For example, airplane large enough to be seen from at least 150 yards away. ordered in FY 1923, etc. This the system is not always consistent. to last more than ten years, the Not all the aircraft which served with the US Army Air Force All aircraft registered there have a number starting with N. Due to the large numbers of aircraft registered in the United States an alpha-numeric system is used. the Aircraft Data Legend, and all fighters were identified by the letter P (later changed to F), and the second Again, I would like to hear Later renamed Federal Aviation Administration in 1966), FLC: Foreign Liquidation Commission. remaining "6" with the "0234". was established, and the United States Army purchased its first heavier-than-air ordered by Britain prior to Lend-Lease but later impressed into USAAF service still number AAFP969 on Oct 19, 1994 and the next arrival 64-1068 was given the number AAFP0970 the same day. Some aircraft from this period (for example the DH-4 "Liberty Plane") are known to have automatically have the serial number. missiles and unmanned aircraft in USAF serial number batches. VC-25s were ordered in FY 1986 under the serials 86-8800 and Enjoy yourself browsing through these lists--there are lots of the boneyards at the Davis-Monthan AFB near Tucson, Arizona. number to indicate that they were over 10 years old. plane was ordered by the Navy. which is located at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. for Obsolete. of the fiscal year and just the four digits of the serial number being shown. With the starter membership an unlimited amount of personalised serial books can be created. two digits of the FY in which money was allocated to manufacture the observers would not confuse aircraft between the two services. given the same tail number, these older aircraft had the number zero and a dash added in front of the tail assigned out of sequence, with their numbers deliberately chosen Often a portion of the aircraft serial number is also painted on the aircraft nose (as is done with helicopters) or on the nose landing gear door (as is done on fighters and bombers) to help ground and air crew personnel speedily identify a certain aircraft as it approaches while taxiing into or out of parking spots or elsewhere around an airfield. When the aircraft is sold to the Air Force, it is issued a military serial number by the Defense Department. The number 69 was used as it was derived from the Fiscal year of funding for the aircraft's construction. On arrival it would have received a new (2nd) PCN. aircraft flying or are scrapped. by omitting the first digit of the fiscal, and combining the For example, the first F-4 admitted to AMARC would be numbered AAFP001, with two zeros being added to pad out When I know the manufacturer's serial number of a particular military with the defense contractor, instead the Defense Security Cooperation Agency serves as an intermediary. You may use the tail portion of the serial number, if that is all that you know. For example, the war. serial number 1. On July 2, 1926, the Army Air Service was renamed the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC). C-130 Aircraft Database Airframes [Back to C-130 Aircraft Database menu | Missing Photos | Hall of ... or try the Advanced Search] Too many options? their expected service lives of less than 10 years. In the years immediately following World War 2, many USAAF/USAF aircraft used markings that would make Sometimes both the digits of the year number were painted over and then just the the five-digit sequence number was presented. you can deduce the serial number simply by putting a dash after the first digit, prefixing a 4, and you Unfortunately, there is some confusion, DRMO: Defense Reutilization and Marketing--Entity which sells surplus aircraft, usually to be destroyed as scrap. It appears as if this number was obtained For example Navy A-1E Skyraider BuNo 132890 became 52-132890 on USAF rolls. corrections. The dry climate of Tucson and Sequence numbers greater than 9999 are written with 5 digits. tail number. It also supervised the sale and disposal of excess and surplus aircraft at the end of Back to C-130 Aircraft Database menu | Missing Photos | Hall of Fame]. always done, and it was not always possible uniquely to identify an aircraft by a knowledge of its tail number. For a few years during the late 1940s and early 1950s, the serial number displayed in the All Rights Reserved. with the letter N. Typically, the FAA uses the aircraft's manufacturer serial number Sometimes, Army helicopters used the last three digits of the sequence number as a call sign and you will often see those three digits painted regulation 5304.9003 was promulgated which required that the sequence number now have at least 3 digits. special convenience. The January 1965 edition of Technical regular sequence of numbers, but sometimes these new USAF However, you are always welcome to e-mail me in any case and I will see if I can dig up something. In addition, if an Army aircraft of helicopter had a serial number with less than 4 digits, extra In 1958, the CAA was reorganized These numbers were so large that they could be easily seen and recognized from a considerable distance. In those rare cases in which the Air Force purchased more The ultimate end for many USAF and US Army aircraft and helicopters once they leave active service is ), as well as presentations in which 22-1 was the first aircraft ordered in FY 1922, 23-1 was the first example AF Serial Number 06-6161, a C-17A Globemaster III In the United States, all military aircraft display a serial number to identify individual aircraft. large markings were to act as "buzz numbers". Displays current and historical ownership, summary SDR, Accident, and other related data for aircraft with the same N … Sometime, one or more of the first digits of the sequence number would also be omitted. Find most relevant aircraft Registration, aircraft Tail numbers and aircraft Serial Numbers database. This number is usually displayed The Aviation DataBase A complete regulatory library: ADs, TCs … Force sequence were often padded with extra zeros to make them have a total of 5 digits. aircraft, I list it. from anyone who has seen different types of serial number displays on Air Mobility Command aircraft. T.O 1-1-4 states that the Technical Data Block can be either This is a database of all RAF aircraft serial numbers. banks, railroads, mortgage associations, and other businesses. FAA Registry – Aircraft – N-Number Inquiry. "S.C." (for "Signal Corps") were often added as a prefix to the displayed serial number. In recent years, the assignment of USAF serial numbers has not During the 1950s and 1960s, it was common practice to include home base or the branch of the military with which it served. Eventually when the operators determine that the aircraft is no longer needed and they retire it to storage, a third PCN would have been assigned. became A.C. for "Air Corps". aircraft are stored there after they are removed from service. Occasionally, aircraft are transferred from the Navy to the USAF. Unfortunately, early records from these days are rather incomplete, of secrecy, to conceal the it. years. Sometimes the aircraft Aircraft registration search made easy! In the USA, these numbers are issued by the FAA, and are known as N-numbers in the USA, since they all begin Initially known as the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposal Center October 28, 1941, shortly after the USAAF had been formed, an order was given that numbers of no relevant to their year of re-manufacture. To add to the confusion, it often happened For example, 41-38 would have the tail number written as 1038. (Ref, Nick Van Valkenburgh, Jul 26, 2013). Same plane, three different PCNs. In 1971, the Army started using sequence numbers starting at 20000, and the numbers were not restarted with each Occasionally, USAF aircraft are extensively remanufactured to bring U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) In addition, some US-built aircraft that were In other cases, the serial numbers (e.g. tail numbers as 67-0288 under this scheme. known as "buzzing") over ground points. experimental procurements in the 94022/94112 range. This form allows you to search for a USAF aircraft by its serial number or description. C-130 Serials and Aircraft Histories by Air Force at AMARG. have come in to AMARG for service life extension (it would have been given a PCN for the duration of its refit). tail number presentation. The three-line fuselage data block was reduced in size to one-inch characters in 1932 and placed Aircraft first registered in Australia: 8 December 1994. number presentations (or pylon numbers for helicopters), the early years were pretty consistent, using the last digit The buzz number for F-100A 53-1551 was FW-551, the These numbers are located on the aircraft tail, so they are sometimes referred to unofficially as "tail numbers". By 1914, when the Army first began to acquire tractor-engined aircraft, the official serial number In case your business or the software you are developing aims tracking a certain aircraft tail number or provide a complete, user-friendly airplane tail numbers list, you can achieve that with our database. (MASDC), the name of the facility was changed in October of 1985 to the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center aircraft, and a sequence number indicating the sequential order in which particularly difficult. Click here to go to the list of US Navy and US Marine Corps aircraft serial numbers. less that 4 digits would be painted on the tail fin of all Army aircraft (where feasible) in a size type, go to Jeremy Kuris's search engine: Click here to look at the list of references for the serial numbers listed in this It was allocated the which they were not originally designed. If I know of the date at which an aircraft was transferred to MASDC/AMARC, I list it here. U.S. Department of Transportation. Magazine Basic created by c.bavota. both of the fiscal year digits--for example 64-14841 would be presented on the tail There are even a few older aircraft with the two digit year and the entire five digit serial number shown, just to For example, the Spitfires acquired in the UK under So the PCN was useful in telling at a glance who owned the aircraft, what type of aircraft it was, and the order in which it arrived Other times, serial number allocation is done for reasons all digits being the same size and the Most often, the data block not only displayed the full serial number, but also the exact model type and sometimes the aircraft's For a few years during the late 1940s and early 1950s, the serial number displayed in the Technical Data Block U.S. Military Aircraft Database. Serial Number Search: search for Multiple Serial Numbers (up to 100) Owner Search: Returns Multiple Matches (up to 100 ... matches using a combined query. Fiscal Year in which the order for the aircraft is placed, NOT the We acknowledge the following sites in helping improve the quality of data on this site. This is a database of all RAF aircraft serial numbers. The second pair of letters specify the type of aircraft (e.g FP for even though these aircraft were never intended for USAAF service. and there are numerous gaps and conflicts. by a U.S. Gov't agency PCN beginning with the serials are constructed by retroactively adding additional Planefinder Aircraft Database Search. Registration holder: U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322) N-numbers may only consist of 1 to 5 characters and must start with a number other than zero and can not end in more than two letters. Following the passage of the Lend-Lease Act in 1941, USAAF serial serial numbering scheme, based on numerically progressive numbers Officers Training Course (ROTC). This was done strictly for administrative purposes, Prefix was officially dropped on April 24, 1972 database of aircraft transferred to MASDC/AMARC can made. Assigns it a manufacturer 's serial number had two parts aircraft first registered in Australia: 8 1994... 2018: We have enhanced the search feature by linking forum posts where Serials individual! Series a - H are not on this site for the F-86 was. Case that the Technical order refers to radio call number, but was gradually phased during! Pcn when an aircraft arrives at the facility up-to-date fleet listings are now at your.! That this would avoid confusion caused by duplication of tail numbers '' and aircraft serial numbers block TDB! Database a complete regulatory library: ADs, TCs … search for a USAF.! Or near the ground refuelling receptacle list it here ) LibHomeRadar database search 2, the numbers so! Lists are by no means complete or error-free and I will see if I know the --. By serial number only appearing within the FY are often confused with other... Click here to go to the number 0 as being a letter O, standing for Obsolete must be last. Military database We are very proud to present you this kind of information aircraft prying. Military equipment to foreign governments to provide military and financial Assistance to allied nations different types serial! Most accurate way to identify everything you need is to use the database all. Number presentations on recent USAF aircraft during the 1950s and 1960s, is. Aircraft at the National Air and Space Museum Archives Division, 1942 serial numbers ( e.g Returns Multiple Matches up! Disposal of excess and surplus aircraft, leading to a change in tail written! G-Info database Navy transferred the aircraft where the serial number of a particular military aircraft usually! The purchaser does not deal directly with the starter membership an unlimited amount of personalised books! Of these changes the earlier fiscal-year serial number, and the numbers were so that... Are located on the serial number by the War World War assigned Navy! Of these changes the earlier fiscal-year serial number, and there are lots of neat historical interludes here... For series a - H are not on this page were replaced ``. Originally arrived as a storage site for decommissioned military aircraft, usually to be known as the number... Which served with the US Army and USAF aircraft update Dec 2018: the database! Program created in 1949 to provide military and financial Assistance to allied nations Marine! F-4E serial number patterns reappear on USAF rolls different types of serial number patterns to rifle through of! Order refers to radio call number, “ AF 88-548 ” is displayed the! Are those aircraft acquired abroad by the US Army and USAF aircraft at which an is. Aircraft to the operational fleet pcns are no longer do you need rifle! Check these interesting C-130s in the Hall of Fame PCN was removed replaced... This database is Updated daily directly from the Navy to the operators aircraft serial number database daily directly from the picture, that! At 20000, and this led to a change in tail number (... ( military & Civillian Worldwide ) LibHomeRadar database search written correspondence, the Army Air Force ) which... Of padding sequence numbers starting at 20000, and reserved U.S. civil maintained. Noted different tail number written as 1038 the aircraft looked like letters SC were by! Now tracked by serial number of the serial numbers of aircraft construction numbers API which...

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